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My Story: Chris

The “tiny house” concept appeals to a lot of different demographics. I’m a 50-something male looking to simplify my life as I get older. My daughter introduced me to the idea a year or so ago and I realized it was perfect for my life situation. At that time, I was living alone in a 1400 sq ft condo in LoHi.  I worked too much, dined out too often, and realized I only slept, made the occasional meal and still wasted too much time in front of the T.V.  I figured out that I was really only using about 500 sq ft of that space (at the most) so the idea of living in a right-sized (in my case “tiny”) place would be perfect for me.

Taking advantage of rising prices in that area, I sold my house.  That started my transition in earnest. In about 30 days time (before the sale closed) I got rid of 80% of my wardrobe, all my furniture and kept only a handful of things that I love most, donated, sold or tossed the rest. Now, all my possessions fit easily in the back of a pickup truck.

Shortly after that, I grew impatient with my long commute and long-hours job, so I decided to quit that too focusing on my tiny house transition.

So now, I’m living temporarily (I promise!) in my daughter’s spare bedroom while I find a place to park my future tiny house. Once that’s available, I’ve got my eye on a partially finished tiny house on wheels. I’ll personalize that and then focus on my ultimate dream, a tiny house village or pocket-neighborhood.

Ultimately, I prefer to live as part of a community of tiny-house dwellers. That community dream will take longer to come true. There are very few places where the option of tiny living is embraced by local property rules for even a single house. A community of them is a different story entirely.  So, that will take more time to develop than I can spend in my daughter’s spare bedroom.

For now, the first big step, to live tiny individually……

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